Hey guys, this is Gonçalo! 😄 👋

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Hey guys, this is Gonçalo! 😄 👋

Post by GNSPS »

Hey, everybody! 😄 👋

I'll try to be short here, since you can already find most of the information on my website http://kind.thief/ (or https://gnsps.com, for the unconverted ones 👀 😄).

I've been a grelhar hacker for most of my life. Background in Aerospace Engineering, founded 3 startups.
Currently co-founder of ConsenSys Diligence, an offensive security team with services and products (diligence.consensys.net). 😊

Glad to be here! Love Handshake!

We need to turn it into the real standard. 🚀
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Re: Hey guys, this is Gonçalo! 😄 👋

Post by skyinclude »

thanks so much for introducing yourself here Gonçalo! 😄 👋!!

Everyone loves your Kind.thief blog - really cool and really early on - it was made when - in the summer of 2020?

Also so excited to help spread HNS adoption and making it more mainstream.
- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: Hey guys, this is Gonçalo! 😄 👋

Post by cjj »

Hello @GNSPS 👋!!

Really glad to meet you !

I have been to your beautiful website http://kind.thief/ (thanks to @skyinclude for posting here)
I have already said this...Your website is Awesomeeeeee❤️!!!

Can I get it’s source code ? If it’s okay...
I will make my HNS website at owlweb/ using it😀

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