How To Access HNS Domains / Using an HNS Resolver (example: NextDNS)

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How To Access HNS Domains / Using an HNS Resolver (example: NextDNS)

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How to Access Handshake TLD sites.
How to Signup For Handshake Mercenary Forum

*** If you want to chat to the group about how to access the site, join our Telegram group (added Jan 19, 2021) feel free to join.

This forum is using a Handshake (HNS) TLD (top level domain), mercenary/
With a SLD - second level domain - handshake

We did not decide to use a “traditional DNS” TLD (.com, .io, etc) as we want to help spread the usage and awareness of the HNS community.

On the left is "normal" DNS - and on the right is HNS (Handshake) where we need the custom resolver in the middle:


Practice what we preach as they say.

So - want to signup to post? Use a HNS resolver.

The one we are using is

Here’s a quick video we made on our SkyInclude Youtube channel

Here’s the quick steps:

Step 1: Go to
You don’t even need to create an account, but we recommend it so you can update your settings later.

Step 1a: Go to the Settings Tab
In there is the rightmost tab “Settings”.

Scroll down to the bottom and there is a toggle switch to turn on Handshake domains.

Step 2: Add to your Chrome this NextDNS setting
There are a bunch of ways you can use the NextDNS setting, the easier one and one we use is updating our Chrome browser settings :

Go to chrome://settings/

Privacy and Security

And then

Scroll down to Advanced
Use Secure DNS, toggle on

And put the URL from your nextDNS setting


And then you are done.

4. Browse The Handshake Internet
Good job, now you can signup on handshake.mercenary here as well as the growing amount of sites in the Handshake ecosystem.

Plus, you’re another statistic now on why browsers need to natively integrate Handshake - THANK YOU!
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: How To Access HNS Domains / Using an HNS Resolver (example: NextDNS)

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