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This morning I had my marketing hat on and had a thought for a sort of Handshake Onboarding campaign. If anyone has thoughts, please chime in.
This is what I jotted down....


A marketing/public service campaign to introduce people to both Handshake dTLDs and privacy oriented public resolvers such as Cloudflare etcetera.The effort would be to shift the fear of breaking your internet by messing with scary settings to something that is more empowering and tap into the growing sentiment of online privacy, decentralization and other benefits like general performance improvements etc.

Prominently, Handshake would be explained in simple terms and encourage people to turn on the expanded internet that Handshake domain owners are creating. 

In addition to this, I thought it might be interesting to also make a friendly site listing noteworthy public resolvers. So I grabbed some domains:
publicresolver.org (.com, .net)

Could use .net as hostnames for some, in particular for Handshake

Handshake Public Resolver: - hns1.publicresolver.net - hns2.publicresolver.net - hns3.publicresolver.net

Not sure if this would fly with those involved with setting these resolvers up (they were announced on Namebase news site). Just another thought.

Related links:
https://securitytrails.com/blog/dns-ser ... y-security
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_re ... ame_server

Any thoughts, takers and shakers?

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Re: #ChangeYourDNS

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Love the idea! Yes, there is talks at Namebase to have a public resolver soon / in testing now I believe.

I have to.... put on my "non technical" hat and say...I'm still not fully clear what I'd need to do - so this is a site that lists out the resolvers on the market, educate me on how to update the site, comparisons, risks, benefits?

Like a table / chart / search ?

I love data sites, and it is an evergreen niche - and a growing one as more and more talk about data privacy.

I'm in to help make a youtube video / tutorrial - once I figure it out more hehe....
- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: #ChangeYourDNS

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Thanks for reply.

This was just off the cuff idea. Def would need to keep this simple but I am sure you know that even simple can be difficult and time-consuming.

ChangeYourDNS is meant to be educational one-pager. Clear friendly message and design. Of course one of your great videos would be perfect to add.

As for publicresolver.org, that can be a "data site" in a nicer design than the wikipedia page and maybe it's a bit more curated and then link out and refer to the wikipedia page for full list.

So, two very simple site. But they need to look and feel inviting and not lose visitors in 5 secs. The audience is for the curious dipping their toes in, not just ppl who already understand or have taken steps to fortify their online privacy and/or who support "decentralization" ideologies. Don't want to overwhelm someone.

Handshake should be subtle but prominent since this is meant to be related to HNS (that's why I am sharing it here after all). It would be proper to also reference unstoppable and ens etc.

I will carve out a few hours and put up these 2 sites with a vanilla design to get started. Then maybe others can get involved with feedback, design, updates etc. Or I will chip away at it over time.

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