Let us RE-IGNITE Handshake.mercenary & the Handshake Community at Large!

What is poppin' in the domain industry of HANDSHAKE!
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Let us RE-IGNITE Handshake.mercenary & the Handshake Community at Large!

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Why Re-ignite the forum?

1. Beacon browser is out and it is super easy to use. If you haven’t - download it at https://impervious.com/beacon and come back to this post using Beacon!

2. So super easy for people to signup and post on Handshake.mercenary (was an issue when everyone was using hns.to before)

3. Namer News is a ghost town now too - if you look it is just domain flippers spamming their TLDs for sale. This Namer News sucked the life out of Handshake Mercenary when they launched - but now it seems to have faded, so let's go ahead.

4. Login with Handshake not enabled - still - this is one reason I kind of lost momentum with Handshake mercenary, people asked to login w/ handshake names. But we cannot get it to work - and is that the real main use case for handshake? NO - it is the DOMAIN browsing - using Beacon browser. So let's focus on the core use case of handshake - DOMAINs! Lets just not use the login w/ handshake feature (it forces users to redirect to Namebase anyway and is not that easy to use)

5. Let’s keep this OG phpBB design - some said we should upgrade to a modern Forum - but the ability to use a Handshake domain was restricted. So we will keep it “original gangsta” (OG) as is.

Ways I think we can see new growth for Handshake

The whole crypto market is down in general, but I feel Handshake down even more. (Not complaining as it is an amazing time to get in for the newcomers and a gift).


But there are a few ways I believe we can come together as a community to move to the next level:

1. BEACON browser is our shining light. Impervious did an amazing job. When I downloaded it and browsed Handshake websites, it revived my interest in the project. I’ve had my personal battles with Brave, and I am not sure what is the next step for Opera browser.


2. Mine Handshake - in the main Telegram group, miners are saying the costs of mining vs the HNS price is not making sense anymore. But they still love the project. We need to get more miners, more people securing the network. Less in China are mining due to regulations. Trying to make more inroads with Goldshell, and may even make a new kind of HNS miner.


3. Build websites on Handshake domains! With Beacon, it is a no brainer. I am loving this, and will personally be building even more on Handshake.

4. Post open plans of what you are doing here on Handshake Mercenary! We had ShakeDex launch on Handshake mercenary last year. We make it simple as we can to make an account here, and you can post your project and your news here. We can help share that to discord and telegram and twitter and other channels for you, as well as feature in the email newsletter we have.

I feel the updates from the community are not easy to find. So you can copy/paste your news to the forum if you’d like - or write here first (would be epic).


5. Looking for moderators - we have upgraded some over the year to help moderate. But do not be shy to ask!

Let’s do this - TOGETHER

We hope the Handshake Mercenary can come back bigger and better than ever. Let us join forces, and share openly - for the entire web (well that can access Handshake sites) see.


Discord, Telegram, Twitter have their places - but we also see a place for a public forum helping as well.

ShakeDex introduced themselves here, and lets bring more to light next.
- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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