List Your TLD Portfolio (Some or All) in Handshake Mercenary

List Your Handshake Names. Share some of your TLDs and lets discuss.
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List Your TLD Portfolio (Some or All) in Handshake Mercenary

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How To Add Your TLD Name Portfolio (All Or Some) to Handshake Mercenary

Handshake Mercenary forum is still in its early days (opened Jan 15, 2021) and we are getting great feedback and response from the Handshake community.

The main goal of the Handshake Mercenary is to be a place for Namers to easily copy/paste their TLD names as a list for others in the community to find and make offers and buy.

Easy right?

And we’re getting great support and feedback from the community, here’s a couple highlights

Johnny Wu from Namebase gave us a shoutout in the Namer Community discord:


@skyinclude/ Love this for http://handshake.mercenary/. If you're looking to list your Handshake domain portfolio, this is the destination for you!

are y'all on this?
And Dashen, one of our first members here at Handshake Mercenary (who has done a few transactions already) gave us a positive boost in that same Discord:

Yep, i'm on this. I really like the threaded conversations. While Discord is nice as an App, multiple conversations in 1 channel can make things less than readable. I'd strongly recommend http://handshake.mercenary/ for threaded conversations.
So how to post on Handshake Mercenary?

Well - first you’ll need an HNS resolver on your computer or browser to signup and/or signin. We’re doing this to get MORE ADOPTION - if you’re a HNS Namer - you should already be using one, so this is just the push you may need :)

Once you signup (free) go to the top forum called “ Handshake TLD Names - Buy / Trade / Barter “ and create a new post.

You can post by copy/pasting your list from Namebase
Finding a specific group of names
List 1 specific TLD you’re focused on selling.

We do recommend trying to put a price, to help get it started and people to understand your targets.

Link to Namebase, or let people DM you, or try other ways to swap your names / gift your names.

This is a free resource for the Handshake community to help people list their portfolios, and make some deals.

Adding a Trusted Seller Flair
We are upgrading on a regular basis, and added flair - with trusted seller, trusted buyer.

Feedback is more than welcome.
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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