Tecate/ The Beer or The Cities - they can be yours

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Tecate/ The Beer or The Cities - they can be yours

Post by handshakegod »

Not San Diego, Not Tijuana but the bi-border town of Tecate is on yeah....

Or... Sit down. Let me serve you a drink...

Or.... Let's get to the farmacia...

Whatever you want, you can find across the line - whether in Tecate or Tecate it's all find: Mmmmm, hmmmmm....

Tecate, notorious Mexico/USA border city(s).

Double dip with this name because on the other side of the border is a town called Tecate but it's in the USA.


1. Tecate, Mexico.

2. Tecate, California, USA,

and let's not forget to sip some

3. Tecate beer (Bonus).

That's not just double dipping, that's a triple banger!

Own this scintillating powerhouse of a name that does more than just sit around all day and drink, check it here: https://www.namebase.io/domains/tecate
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Re: Tecate/ The Beer or The Cities - they can be yours

Post by herd »

seems more for the beer play in my research

https://siasky.net/ZAAoBkCUl4y43_rEmvP9 ... Y3wYVNW2pw

Keyword Similarity Volume
tecate beer 40% 480
tecate beer uk 10% 170
sol beer wiki 5% 90
sol beer wikipedia 5% 90
tecate mexico 30% 70
tecate light 20% 40
mexican beer tecate 15% 40
tecate mexican beer 15% 40
indio beer 5% 40
tecate drink 25% 30
tecate baja california 10% 10

Namesake domains has .gin maybe also some cross promotion there.
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