Hosting a Handshake Site with Vultr & Let's Dane SSL

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Re: Hosting a Handshake Site with Vultr & Let's Dane SSL

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also an outline on this from Neel/ in the Namebase Namer community on discord:

neel/Yesterday at 4:08 PM
Very very rough and incomplete guide** to replicate* my setup

Necessary supplies:
DNS domain, VPS with outgoing port 25 not blocked, fresh ubuntu install, HNS domain, time


1) create working email server for DNS domain using (forget about HNS for now)

2) install hnsd and replace existing resolver system-wide

3) delegate HNS sub domain (not the tld) to use authoritative DNS nameserver(s) that you setup in step 1.

4) add and configure zone to NSD for your sub domain,, or something like that. make sure it works.

5) add new email user to mail server - user@hns.tld

6) remove Postfix restrictions for non-FQDN senders/recipients—and maybe some other related things—in the file

7) send email from user@hns.tld to me at yadav@neel

8) wait a couple minutes, if you get a Failed Delivery bounce notification in your inbox go to next step.... otherwise skip to step 11

9) ragequit (optional)

10) start fresh from step 1, skip steps 3-6, send from user@dns.tld in step 7

11) wait for me to reply to email
Take back control of your email with this easy-to-deploy mail server in a box.

*this is not the exact setup I have but what I think would be the easiest version of my setup (i.e. avoiding as much config modification as possible)
neel/Yesterday at 5:12 PM
**This isn’t meant to be a tutorial, just a suggested high-level outline of the process based on my experience
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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