First Handshake Name Auction on Clubhouse! to support handshake schools!

What is poppin' in the domain industry of HANDSHAKE!
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First Handshake Name Auction on Clubhouse! to support handshake schools!

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First HNS Domain Auction on Clubhouse by Soeren - Fundraiser for Schools!

Exciting times in the Handshake ecosystem.
Soeren von Varchmin
the CEO CloudFest / NamesCon ( @cloudfest, @NamesCon), Guitar at Lords of Uptime (, #HNS, #bitcoin

started the first Handshake domain auction, on Clubhouse, promoted on Twitter:

Feb 3
Folks: WE ARE BUILDING A HANDSHAKE SCHOOL TOGETHER (check our foundation First $HNS name live auction on
Friday, 5th, 5pm CET (11am EST). 100% of proceeds from sales goes to our School! I am donating to the auction:

Soeren von Varchmin
6:53 PM · Feb 5, 2021·Twitter Web App
Here are the 17 lots for the first Handshake Names Auction on CH at 5pm CET today. All proceeds go to our school foundation

xn--e77haaobb/ (Flag of United Arab EmiratesFlag of United Arab EmiratesFlag of United Arab Emirates)
xn--4h8ha/ (SunflowerSunflower)
xn--3kq81x624b/ (大事记) - means memorabilia
And then - Mark Smith, (AgentSmith on forum) was the winner of the first auction:

Just bought the first $HNS domain via Clubhouse,

Sunflower Sunflower

Thank you to @svvarchmin for organizing the auction for charity!

Soeren von Varchmin @svvarchmin

you wrote history today! @HNS ..... and now we know how we can use @NamebaseHQ as a clearing house for live auctions!
then commented back:

Replying to @Svvarchmin @HNS and @NamebaseHQ
So cool to make an offer in the room and have the name seconds later!

welcome to the Handshakers , @MarkMathson . Also thanks to @HandshakeJesus and @AndyBoothcom . 5 names, 4 buyers and a lot of learnings how this live auction really need to work.
Let’s keep doing amazing things using the power of decentralized web and internet and Handshake HNS!

Noticing them on the sold page of Namebase

4,000.00 HNS
06 Feb 2021

xn--4h8ha/ (🌻🌻)
105.00 HNS
06 Feb 2021
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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