Test Atomic Swap (buy/sell) - ga3/ or i'll buy

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Re: Test Atomic Swap (buy/sell) - ga3/ or i'll buy

Post by andrew3000 »

nice to do trade

confirmed it left my wallet

but it doesn't show +10 HNS, it show 0?

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Re: Test Atomic Swap (buy/sell) - ga3/ or i'll buy

Post by skyinclude »

awesome! :mrgreen:

For the 10HNS balance, I talked to Matt Zipkin in Telegram and he said:
Matthew Zipkin, [Jan 26, 2021 at 10:24:48 PM]:

There's an open issue about this for bob. Just a UI bug. They're wallet total probably did increase correctly. Just the line with the tx in the history view is wrong

so you should have those funds,
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