For Sale $20

Deals that are done and archived.
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Re: For Sale $20

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Congrats on making a deal - we have added flair to your accounts:

Dashen - Trusted Seller
SkyInclude - Trusted Buyer

This will show up on your profile now and help show the community you have successfully done a transaction on Handshake Mercenary!
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Re: For Sale $20

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Dashen wrote: Sat Jan 23, 2021 1:19 pm I also confirm the deal is complete.
hi Dashen,

We finally got this site online - using our experience making an internal company wiki - what do you think -

- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: For Sale $20

Post by Dashen »

OMG 10/10!

It looks great, thanks for building a wiki.

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