.new by Google Action based SLD (interesting ideas)

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.new by Google Action based SLD (interesting ideas)

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The .new is a traditional DNS TLD owned by google - but the interesting insight is:

YOU MUST use it as an action domain,

What are the .new registration requirements?
All .new domain names are required to comply with the .new Registration Policy, which features a usage-based restriction to ensure that all domains are being used for new actions. That means that all .new domains registrations must:

Be used for action generation or online content creation;
Take the user directly into the action generation or content creation flow;
Resolve to the action within 100 days of registration;* and
Allow Google Registry to verify compliance at no cost.
While anyone can register, domains that don’t comply with this usage policy may be suspended or deleted by Google Registry without refund. So be sure you review the full .new Registration Policy before you register your .new domain to ensure that it meets our policy requirements.

How will .new’s policies be enforced?
We are monitoring the .new namespace for compliance with the .new Registration Policy. If we discover domains that do not comply with this policy, we’ll reach out to you and give you a window to bring your domain into compliance with the policy. If issues are not remediated within the specified period your domain may be suspended or deleted without refund.

Any domain that violates our Domain Name Abuse Policy may be deleted or suspended without warning and without refund.
For example

a new google doc is - http://doc.new

and the cost is around 500 usd per year - from Namecheap!

- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: .new by Google Action based SLD (interesting ideas)

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