.mercenary domain name issuance - people interested.

Promote and offer your SLDs for sale and generate interest and feedback.
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.mercenary domain name issuance - people interested.

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Getting Requests for SLDs on mercenary/ TLD

I’ll get this SLD request forum started - already getting people asking if they can register a SLD under this mercenary/ domain.

Won’t say who due to their own confidential potential requests - but they want to use it for a video game they are working on.

And it got me thinking -

The future is here.

The new internet is truly coming alive.

Let’s keep chipping away and I’m excited to see us develop a more clear SLD marketplace for us all. For now I’ll keep a list of those interested in a SLD (“domain”) on this mercenary TLD.


Ideas of how a domain on mercenary can be used:

Video game - seems obvious - I did search google for Mercenary and there are games existing using this name. Maybe even those games can register a domain here for their platform.

Forums - maybe more people can make bulletin board forums like this handshake.mercenary for their communities. The idea of mercenary is “independent” and takes matters into their own hands - which is what I feel us pioneers in the Handshake community are doing.

Other ideas?

Other requests - let’s keep this momentum going.
- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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