How to Make a Post in Handshake Mercenary Forum (+ Tips)

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How to Make a Post in Handshake Mercenary Forum (+ Tips)

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Making Your First Post on Handshake Mercenary

Welcome to the forum - if you want to make a post, you need to signup (by using HNS resolvers, see here for one tutorial viewtopic.php?f=8&t=31&sid=7cbae6cc503f ... 8006b4ac6e )

Once you’re signed up - please - INTRODUCE yourself ! Hop into a forum of choice, or make a quick hello post on the “Meet and Greet” forum viewforum.php?f=9&sid=36be48bd9d40182ff46147523565acbd

Here’s the steps and some pointers and tips:

Prefer to Watch As Video?
Find us on youtube here

Adding Images
Images we do not host in the forum, it would make it too bloated and slow.

So you need to host the image externally -
We recommend using Sia’s Skynet - since it is decentralized hosting and a close friend of the Handshake ecosystem.

Go to

Browse and upload the image you want to add to your forum post

Upload (note, this is uploading to the Sia blockchain decentralized hosting so takes longer than traditional web)

Copy the Sia link


In your post, paste that link

Highlight the link, and click the “image” icon



Use img and /img with brackets



The image will show on the post. and is hosted in Sia Skynet decentralized!


Bolding Text
Highlight the text you’d like to bold, and click the “B”

Adding Links
You’re welcome to link out to your site and news sites freely.

Paste the link, but to make it clickable, highlight it and click the chain link on the options.

Post & Done!

That is it - while we know this is a bit of an “old school” forum - it does go with the retro feel and how the Handshake movement is about “making the internet great again”.

Your feedback and suggestions will help this grow and the entire ecosystem grow.

Good luck to all.
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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