EOStoken/ Open for offers

List Your Handshake Names. Share some of your TLDs and lets discuss.
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EOStoken/ Open for offers

Post by skyinclude »

Picked up eostoken/

Open for offers

In Namebase

- SkyInclude/

https://skyinclude.com/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:

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Re: EOStoken/ Open for offers

Post by herd »

thanks for putting this forum together.

this tld in the crypto space so a hot and relevant topic.

coin is more relevant than token, but a valuable name for the right buyer. good luck w/ sales.

éos 25% 1600
eos coin 50% 590
eoc coin 10% 590
eos prediction 10% 90
eos network 10% 50
what is eosio 10% 50
eos miner 10% 20
eos coin review 25% 10

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