Yaps/ Because you love to talk

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Yaps/ Because you love to talk

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How much yaps gots you?

Yappity tickety tacky. Yap yaps yap, and a double bitch slap. You found it - the ultimate jibber jabber yammer jammer bammer blah blah TLD to take your chat power to the next Canterbury century of tales of your own for your full apps decentralized 1 billion plus inter-stellar participants.

You jibe with that?

Then lay your HNS down and control this YAPS like you don't give a craps.

You the boss now in the sovereign land of a decentralized censorless universe.... synonyms: yaks (also yacks), yammers descants, discusses, expatiates gossips, tattles.

Get your YAPS on here: https://www.namebase.io/domains/yaps
:lol: Hanshake God and life begins... :arrow: :roll: :!:

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