Shoutout to Rithvik + IamFernando, Amazing Handshake Developers in the Community (our forum now SSL)

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Shoutout to Rithvik + IamFernando, Amazing Handshake Developers in the Community (our forum now SSL)

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Shoutout to Rithvik and Falci (iamfernando) - Amazing Handshake Developers in the Community (the forum now has SSL on LetsDane)

We are really blessed with amazing developers in the HNS Handshake ecosystem - and I want to make sure I give thanks and credit where it is due.

Matt Zipkin, a pioneer and lead developer in the Handshake developer community, gave our handshake.mercenary and I (I'm also known as @michelini ) a shout out on Twitter


and I had to give credit where credit is due, thus this shout out:


Over the weekend, Handshake Mercenary has upgraded the Name servers and now supports https (SSL) with LetsDane. A technical tutorial is coming soon.

It started last week when Matt Zipkin really was happy to see this forum on Handshake but really wanted to see it secure and supporting SSL. I’ll be honest, I am already amazed we even got this forum online and in Handshake at all, but said I would try my best to get SSL going.

Saturday in the Namebase Namer Community Discord, I saw some discussion about SSL

Rithvik was helping some other users (as he has so tirelessly been doing over thee months I’ve been in the HAndshake community) and we took our discussion to private messages.

He got me onto some new DNS and Nameserver solutions, but by the end of Saturday we found that it didn’t support the Lets Dane SSL for Handshake.

My Sunday morning I woke up - he had found a solution w/ Fernando Falci, (iamfernando) that could use his own name servers and help with the Lets dane.

Due to timezone issues, (I’m in China, Rithvik is in India, and iamfernando is in Spain) it was a bit of time delay with all of us being onlineee and coordinating.

But by midday Sunday, I updated the blockchain DNS records for mercenary/ (second time that weekend) and pointed to iamfernando’s own Name servers. A couple hours to wait for it to update on chain, and some moree chats in a 3 way group on Telegram

We now have


Notice the HTTPS

But we are not “forcing” SSL right now - you can still use http://handshake.mercenary - as to have https to work - you need to install DANE on your own local client (computer) which we hope to have a guide for soon.

So thank you Rithvik and iamfernando

It is things like this that make me more and more confident Handshake HNS is the future of naming on the decentralized internet

Rithvik also made a great tool

And iamfernando has made many amazing things (we made a blog on it at or on HNS at

Which is parking, page builders, and hosting.


more guides and tutorials for others to do the same coming very soon.

I thank these developers, they are the ones who will make the world and internet great again.
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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