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Nft.♙ (NFT white pawn) on Handshake TLD

Posted: Sat Feb 27, 2021 1:56 am
by skyinclude
NFT Pawn on Handshake TLD - nft dot white pawn

After the exciting announcement of Jehan Chu buying .nft/ for 84,000 USDT we felt it was time to show off how a NFT site may look. (full interview on

White pawn is the TLD, and we put the SLD as nft

Pretty cool - the idea is this can be an auction house for NFTs in the future (the white pawn logo on the doorway of a high end VIP event as the codename)


Also Safari browser seems the nicest to Emojis showing in the URL bar:


check it out yourself at

or http://nft.♙ is a highly insecure way of browsing Handshake domains and should only be used for demo or educational purposes. Click to see preferable resolutions methods