Link Shortener 1.2url

Lets see what is possible to be build in Handshake. share your projects or projects you like.
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Link Shortener 1.2url

Post by trove »

I made a link shortening service on handshake.... Not sure if it is useful, or if one of these already exists. I wanted to make one for myself to organize some files I was making on ArWeave for an NFT project I am working on, so I threw a frontend up, to make it a public service.

Not sure how to get it to work on the TLD, any advice on that would be appreciated. Also wouldn't mind learning to add SSL, but all the tutorials have evaded my understanding so far.

Check it out! http://1.2url
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Re: Link Shortener 1.2url

Post by skyinclude »

really nice simple clean UI site!

for ssl - we have finally figured it out - we use for the name server and then TSLA:

we made a video and guide here- or on HNS - https://setup.skyinclude/ssl

hope that helps and keep it up!
- SkyInclude/ or HNS http://setup.skyinclude :mrgreen:


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