About Us

About Handshake Mercenary -


This is a free forum resource for the HAndshake community.


A Place to list your Handshake domain portfolio, (all or select parts.)


We noticed a lot of people making spreadsheets and mini sites listing their portfolios, but no single place to list your portfolio, contact information, and links freely.




We want to see how it best suits the community, and it is based on feedback and input from you as a Handshake director (user).


Some ideas


Link to namebase to do the buy/sell deal. Or maybe you want to get a SLD on someone else’s TLD domain - discuss here freely.


We do recommend not linking to a google sheet or other site - but to instead put the list as “text” so people can search for it.


Can’t Open It? You Need An HNS Resolver


Why didn’t we just put it on a .com? Why use handshake.mercenary?


COME ON MAN! This is a Handshake community project.


It was purposely built on a Handshake only TLD (handshake.mercenary) to encourage more adoption of using HAndshake resolvers on your browsers!


And if you really can’t, we all know about hns.to - so you can also navigate the forum by handshake.mercenary.hns.to


About the Team


Who is Behind the fourm? the team at SkyInclude put together


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